⇒ What is Mikalido Mexicana?
Mikalido Mexicana is a savoury-spicy alcoholic drink based on tomatoes and chilies. Well-chilled and shaken, Mikalido is tasty on its own but also with a good beer or meal. But be warned, it will make you sweat and put some Rock'n'Roll in your veins! Our Mexicana shot is available in a classic (attention: spicy-hot) and mild(er) version.
⇒ How spicy is Mikalido Mexicana?
The extent to which we are comfortable with spicy and hot food or drinks is spread very differently, thus it is impossible to reward this question with an intelligent answer. Just that much: we don't want to murder you with our spicy shot, just quicken your pulse a bit.
Dick-measuring contests á la 'Who can swallow the most 16-million-Scoville-sauces' have nothing to do with us at all – you are supposed to enjoy the drink and its spice-level. And of course we didn't produce 2 versions, mild and spicy, for nothing. You should decide on your own how much spice you want.
⇒ Why does the tomato-pulp settle down in the bottle?
An absolutely natural and harmless process, indicative of the product's quality. Ordinary tomato-juice would do the same, if there weren't any thickening agents added. Solution: Shake well before each outpouring. Easy, right?
⇒ How much alcohol does Mikalido Mexicana contain?
The alcohol content of our Mikalido shot is 16% vol. So, you can drink our Mexicana easily on hot summer days at festivals, too, without suddenly turning into a schnapps-zombie. Nevertheless, we highly recommend a responsible drinking awareness. Since Mikalido Mexicana is an alcoholic drink, it is only available for those of you who are of legal drinking age.
⇒ Does Mikalido Mexicana contain allergens?
Nope. And no gluten, either.
⇒ Is Mikalido Mexicana vegan?
Fo' shizzle!
⇒ What spices does Mikalido Mexicana contain?
So, listen, we are going to write down all of our ingredients for you in detai...well, maybe we better keep that one to ourselves.
⇒ What sizes are the Mikalido bottles?
We've got 0.1l miniatures and 0.35l glass flasks.
⇒ Is the Mikalido Mexicana perishable?
Since the Mikalido shot is an alcoholic beverage and said alcohol conserves the drink, it doesn't have to be imprinted with a best-before date, according to the law.
⇒ At which temperature is the spicy shot the most palatable?
It would be best to let the Mikalido become well-chilled in the fridge, then put it in the freezer for about an hour (don’t leave it there, you’ll have tomato ice cream otherwise), it tastes the best at about 2°C (35°F). Drinking it warm also is an option in case of doubt, but the mix between cold and spicy is a winner.
⇒ Where can I buy Mikalido Mexicana?
On the news page of our website you will find irregular updates concerning retailers selling Mikalido Mexicana. Also, our Facebook-page is worth a look. Under the tap ‘Buy’ you will find some additional links to online shops where you can order our Mexicana online.
If you intend to order larger amounts of the spicy shot (18+ bottles), you can also send us an Email. We will certainly find the best solution for you.
⇒ Could I get some promotion material, when selling some Mikalido Mexicana at my own events?
Yep, indeed! Just write us an Email.
⇒ How does the price per bottle come about?

We are not a large scale industrial producer, so we don’t push 100 million bottles through some plant but do produce relatively small amounts which need to be taken care of manually. We reward this labour – fair, which forces up the price of each bottle noticeably.

Moreover, Mikalido contains some very exotic ingredients and spices, which are not available at your local discounter. The same is valid for the alcohol quality: We don’t want to put anything in that might cost your brain the next two days of your precious life.

In addition to hat, there are the so-called administrative costs. We had to register a company, rent an office and some storage space, had to develop a product which is able to fulfill all hygienic and legal requirements, needed to find a professional bottler (who also earns his share), had to have some labels designed by a graphic designer and have them printed, apply EAN-codes (that are charged with a yearly fee), have the product tested in a laboratory on a regular basis, have a website to take care of.

We employ field staff, need cars, must buy wooden barrels and displays for our decorations at the retailers’ and had to sell from door to door for years in order to get a stand at those retail stores, which we then need to make known to our potential clients by showing-off with costly ad-campaigns. Additionally, there are VAT, alcoholic beverage taxes, trade and corporate taxes, our compulsory membership-fee to the international chamber of industry and commerce and about 180 other fees. We also need to pay our working hours, something that happens rather insufficiently in the face of the before mentioned amount of costs.

Actually, we basically do find the discounting tendencies of society problematic, anyway. Meat must only cost a few cents; for that, animals will be held in absolutely immoral conditions in large-scale livestock-farming, making your stomach turn. Strawberries must be available for a cheap price in the middle of winter, therefore thousands of 40t-trucks drive through and thereby destroy the streets from Spain to Finland and pollute the air. Shirts mustn’t cost more than a buck, thus 7-year-old children in Bangladesh are sewing them for 3 cents an hour under slave-like conditions.

Everything has to be cheap, cheap, cheap – no matter what the cost. That might be the reason why one is shocked when looking at products that weren’t produced on a large scale and which may be a bit pricier – something one can even understand considering the price level of other groceries.

Still, one should know how these bargain offers come about – that is, via mass production only, and thus via mega-corporations or even monopolies, pushing small-scale producers out of the market, and therefore ousting a diversity of flavour, merely due to their prices. If one is personally o.k. with these circumstances, then that would be a personal decision. If not, and if one would like to contribute to preserving a flavourful diversity, we strongly recommend purchasing a bottle of our spicy Mikalido Mexicana, made with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Smiley.

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