Mikalido Mexikaner: Das feurige Party-Getränk aus Berlin


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Mikalido Mexicana

Mikalido Mexicana

This is the story of our Mikalido Mexicana schnapps. Learn more about our spicy shot.

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Mikalido Mexikaner Pfefferminzkaner - spicy peppermint liqueur

Mikalido Mexikaner Eierkaner - spicy peppermint liqueur
Peppermint liqueur or Mexicana – we know that's a religious question to some.
Here at Mikalido we're striving to unite all of humanity, so we'll help you solve this quandary by introducing: Mikalido Pfefferminzkaner - the best of both worlds.
Fresh peppermint for your tongue tip and a nice gentle spicyness for your palate. 'Nuff said, just go out and try it.
Mikalido Mexikaner: Das feurige Party-Getränk aus Berlin