Our Mission

Our Mission


The Mikalido Mexicana Mission is simple - we want to reintroduce drinking culture.

Increasingly, alcoholic drinks on bar and club menus worldwide resemble one another, just like one methanol induced headache resembles the other. Due to a lack of alternatives, everyone is tired of those same-old blended bitters, whiskeys and vodkas – which hardly deserve the term blend after all. However, one has no other choice but to select from the same-old limited offer of drinks.

Mikalido Mexicana says:


Time to change the rules! For the act of drinking means more than merely consuming alcoholic liquids from industrial tanks; drinking means sociability, a break from daily routines, and above all: a diversity of flavours. Every single night, every atmosphere and every party is special, and thus they deserve special drinks. Well, this world is not short of those.

Diversity and Variety...


If you look beyond discount supermarkets, you will find that there is a huge variety of tasty beers and spirits that, contrary to most mass products, have a character and taste of something.
Many of them are produced by small companies with only few employees and (deliberately) limited outputs. Some microbreweries or spirits producers limit their production to a few hundred litres but put a lot on emphasis on the choice of high quality ingredients, careful destillation / brewing and intense flavours instead of pressing the last drop of profit from their products by the use of soulless or even artificial substances.

Quality comes with a price tag...


...but as soon as you start dealing with a product's quality, you will become aware of all the things included therein and that it is worth paying for if you don't want to spend the rest of your lives with the boring taste of industrial dishwater in your mouths (or with screwed up Sundays and probably a shortened lifespan, just because you took the cheap route to getting hammered).

At Mikalido Mexicana, we don't produce a million bottles a day, but we focus on our product every day instead, improving the spicy shot little by little. Perhaps our Mikalido Mexicana may not be one of the classic alcoholic beverages which need to age many years and are swayed in a tumbler (nope, not the blogging website) in front of the chimney.

However, we understand our spicy shot as a small contribution to diversifying a market so smoothed out when it comes to flavour that everything tastes as little specific as possible, so that it will be bought by the masses.

Mikalido Mexicana advises:


Do yourselves a favour and visit a retailer specialised in liquors and other alcoholic drinks before you go to the next party, or at least try some other drinks at your local supermarket than the usual 3-4 mainstream brands.

Some stores listen to their customer's wishes for variety and have now established little corners selling regional craft products – check them out; we are sure you will be amazed. And, if you take a Mikalido Mexicana from those corners, we won't get mad at you, promised.

Retailers and caterers


All our products are also tasty additions for the assortment of your bars, pubs, clubs or shops. Your customers will be grateful, this we guarantee. In case you want to take a step into the right direction, you could just order 1-2 Mikalido Mexicana samples here;

We could then also introduce you to some products by our colleagues, who do produce some incredibly tasty alcoholic drinks and beers but may be flying blow your radar level at the moment.

Cheers mates, Here’s to drinking culture!

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