HRS suggests Mikalido Mexikaner as a perfect souvenir from Berlin

HRS suggests Mikalido Mexikaner as a perfect souvenir from Berlin

HRS, one of Germany's biggest hotel booking websites, suggests Mikalido Mexikaner as a perfect souvenir from Berlin. And right they are! You can find their recommendation here.

Mikalido Mexikaner Pfefferminzkaner - spicy peppermint liqueur

Mikalido Mexikaner Eierkaner - spicy peppermint liqueur
Peppermint liqueur or Mexicana – we know that's a religious question to some.
Here at Mikalido we're striving to unite all of humanity, so we'll help you solve this quandary by introducing: Mikalido Pfefferminzkaner - the best of both worlds.
Fresh peppermint for your tongue tip and a nice gentle spicyness for your palate. 'Nuff said, just go out and try it.

Mikalido Mexikaner Eierkaner - spicy egg liqueur

Mikalido Mexikaner Eierkaner - spicy egg liqueur

Spicy egg liqueur does sound, admittedly, kinda weird. But you know we love you and will never, ever lie to you. Which is also valid for us promising: It’s increeeedible stuff. Increeeeeedible.

Please welcome with us the newest offspring in our little spicy spirits family: Mikalido Eierkaner.

The smartasses among you will say that egg liqueur is grandma’s birthday drink, but these days are over, valued friends. Mikalido Eierkaner is the perfect party drink, an egg liqueur with a solid amount of chili spiciness that will make both sweetytoothies and spicytoothies very happy.

But we can promise you the heavens here - you'll just have to check it out for yourself. Mikalido Eierkaner is available at these of our friends:


Dr. Chili


Sun Pepper

Shops, by postcode:

01968 Brieske, GP, Brieskerstr.
01979 Lauchhammer, GP, Emanuelstraße 4
01979 Lauchhammer, GP, Friedensstraße 10a
01979 Lauchhammer, GP, Gerhart-Hauptmann-Str. 6c
01987 Schwarzheide, GP, Ruhlander Straße 73
02943 Boxberg, GP, Südstr. 2
02999 Lohsa, GP, Hauptstraße 23
03205 Calau, GP, Finsterwalderstraße 15
03222 Lübbenau, GP, Chausseestr. 28
04932 Hirschfeld, GP, Elsterwerdaer Str 7 A
12439 Berlin, REWE, Schnellerstraße 74
13086 Berlin, Ruck-Zuck, Streustr. 103
15926 Luckau, GP, Mönchhof 1
15926 Luckau, GP, Calauer Str.
46399 Bocholt - „Saft“-Laden Getränkehandel, Europaplatz 13
84416 Taufkirchen (Vils), Lentner Getränke, Landshuter Str. 40


10245 Berlin, Süß war gestern, Wühlischstraße 43
10247 Berlin, Halford, Mainzer Str. 15
10437 Berlin, Zum starken August, Schönhauser Allee 56
16321 Bernau, Elysium, Berliner Str. 1
46414 Rhede, Blues, Kirchstraße 9
50825 Köln, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Bartholomäus-Schink-Straße 67

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