History of Mikalido Mexicana shot

Mexicana - Our story

Legend has it that in 1925, 18-year-old Mexican Pepe Gonzalez migrates from a small Mexican village - called by the name of Mikalido - to Germany and settles down in the vibrant city of Berlin. He had always dreamed of making a living by spreading the Mexican cuisine, therefore he carries a few recipes with him. Among these notes is the recipe for his favourite alcoholic drink – a tomato-based, refreshing and spicy-hot beverage.

Mikalido Mexicana exorcises evil spirits

In Mexico, the spicy shot is said to exorcise evil spirits and to protect those who drink it against all kinds of affliction. Hence, it is simply called La Exorcista Mexicana. Due to Pepe’s place of origin, another name establishes itself: Mikalido Mexicana. Thus, in the first half of the 20th century, Mexikaner - as the Berliners falsely call it due to their snotty-but-likeable manner – already becomes an inherent part of Berlin’s pub culture.

Mexicana originally comes from Berlin!

In Berlin, we meet Pepe in a pub and soon become friends. He is delighted by our idea to revive the degenerated drinking culture (see here) and to let it shine in new splendour. Since, in his old age he wants to follow the paths of his ancestors and return to his native country, Pepe suddenly gives us his original recipe as a gift and bestows upon us the honourable mission to spread Mikalido Mexicana shots all over the world.

Mexicana - Our mission

So here we are now, provided with a task, personally commissioned by Pepe Gonzalez who is probably still striding through Mexican landscapes while breathing in all tastes and flavours the Mexicans captured and concentrated in their spicy alcoholic beverage.

So, let us drink a Mikalido Mexicana, friends... Here’s to Pepe Gonzalez .


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