Buy Mikalido Mexicana in Berlin

Buy Mikalido Mexicana in Berlin


Our shop in Kaulsdorf is closed (Google Maps is informed, but slow), but you can get our whole product range close to S-Bhf Lichtenberg at Spirituosen Kierzek (Weitlingstrasse 17, 10317 Berlin).

You should also have good chances at Pfefferhaus, Niederbarnimstr. 11, 10247 Berlin, although you should call here before to check their stocks: 030/23532428.

Mikalido Mexikaner Pfefferminzkaner - spicy peppermint liqueur

Mikalido Mexikaner Eierkaner - spicy peppermint liqueur
Peppermint liqueur or Mexicana – we know that's a religious question to some.
Here at Mikalido we're striving to unite all of humanity, so we'll help you solve this quandary by introducing: Mikalido Pfefferminzkaner - the best of both worlds.
Fresh peppermint for your tongue tip and a nice gentle spicyness for your palate. 'Nuff said, just go out and try it.

Buy Mexikaner Minis

Mikalido Mexikaner extra spicy

Berlin / Brandenburg, it's getting spicy!

As of right now, you can buy our Mexikaner miniatures in every Getränke Hoffmann store. They are in stock or at least orderable, just ask the exquisitely nice staff.

They're still selling our regular 0,7l bottles as well, of course, they should even have the last ones in stock that we used our old recipe for - so if you wanna get your hands on a classic, you should be quick.

And oh yeah: Rumour has it that the miniatures will be sold at a reduced price from March,21 to March,26!

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Order all products of Mikalido Mexicana online: Mexikaner, Eierkaner and Pfefferminzkaner.

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